The Many Subgenres of Fantasy

*Well met in Sindarin

Welcome to our new project! We are a group of librarians that have a passion for the genres of science fiction, fantasy, and horror in all their myriad of forms and guises. We have been responsible for organizing events at the ALA Annual conferences and wanted to reach out beyond this single event. Our goal is to share our passion for genre fiction and provide all of our readers with an excellent resource in understanding genre fiction. We want to use this place to explore the nooks and crannies of these genres and share what we discover with all of you.

Additionally, we want to help build a tool to guide librarians in building and maintaining their collections of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. This means that we will be reviewing lots of old, new, and upcoming materials including books, movies, and television shows. We are not professional critics, but rather fans that like to believe we know what other fans would enjoy reading or watching.We hope to be able to provide ideas for programs, displays, and other ways you can share your genre fiction collections with your library’s community.

Finally, while we are building this site to share our passions, we are also doing it for you, our readers. We would love all input and recommendations from you as we we work to build a guide that you want to use. You are welcome to comment and provide feedback on how we can improve and what sorts of content you would like to see.

So, with that brief introduction, I welcome you on our journey to SciFi and Beyond.


  1. K.G. McAbee says:

    An awesome beginning! I’m going to be reading this blog for a long, long, LONG time…..

  2. […] Fantasy is the genre that explores our imaginations and takes us on glorious adventures. In a similar vein, horror flirts with the darker nature of humanity and gives rise to those things that go bump in the night. Science fiction, though, is meant to answer the question “What if?” What if science gave us the ability to create the spark of life (Frankenstein)? What if beings from the canals of Mars came to Earth intent on wiping out humanity (The War of the Worlds)? What if our government decided that books possessed dangerous ideas and should all be destroyed (Fahrenheit 451)? What if we developed artificial intelligence? Or faster than light travel? Or nanotechnology? The genre of science fictions is driven by the desire to push these questions and how they may change human culture. […]

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