Monsters of Verity


This Savage Song and Our Dark Duet by Victoria Schwab is a dark future dystopian urban fantasy described by the author as “Sin City PLUS Romeo and Juliet MINUS romance PLUS monsters.” Together they make up the Monsters of Verity duology.

Kate Harker is the daughter of the crime lord in control of the northern portion of Verity and August Flynn is the son of the man holding the south against him.  What begins as a standard teen trope of boy meets girl at school quickly escalates and morphs. Kate, who has always wanted and expected to follow in her father’s criminal and brutal footsteps, begins to find out things that shake her confidence in the world around her. August so desperately wants to be a real boy but is forced to embrace the monstrous. Because this is a world where murder and violence births monsters, quite literally. There are heart eaters and blood drinkers and rarest and most dangerous of all are the soul stealers.Kate’s father has harnessed these monsters to create a reign of terror. And now these two teenagers find themselves uniting to save their city.

This is an unrelentingly dark story. Sacrifices are made and blood is spilled (so much blood) and evil people do evil things. But ultimately it is a story of discovering and clinging to humanity. I was rooting for Kate and August not because they were shining beacons of goodness in a corrupt world but because they were flawed and broken and morally uncertain. They were trying so hard to be what was expected o them, to do the right thing. And sometimes they failed, and sometimes they won, and it’s the struggle that made them compelling.

I also enjoyed that there is no pretense of a romance in these books. These characters have bigger challenges than first love, and the hard fought bond that emerges is all the more satisfying for it.


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