Sparrow Hill Road

Everyone’s head of the ghost story of the hitchhiker who mysteriously vanishes from the car. It’s one of those tales that get told around a campfire on a dark night. In Sparrow Hill Road we meet the girl who becomes that ghost.

Rose Marshall died in 1952 after being driven off the road in the dead of night. Since then she’s been wandering the roads of America, still running from the man who caused her death. With the offer of a jacket from a living person, she can become corporeal for a while and has found her calling both helping drivers avoid accident and death as well as escorting on those who couldn’t. As the world changes around her Rose stays constant, until events from her past start to threaten her future.

Originally a series of short stories, Sparrow Hill Road brings them together in a single narrative. The bones of their original form are still visible though, and this is a slightly meandering series of stories that start to coalesce into something bigger and darker than Rose was ever anticipating.

McGuire has a good ear for dialogue, and there’s some genuine creepiness in there as well. Sparrow Hill Road is tangentially connected to McGuire’s InCryptid series, so if you’ve read those you’ll recognize the world Rose inhabits. This is the first book in a new series, and there are definitely plot threads that are left open for further books. I’m looking forward to reading more about the further adventures of Rose Marshall.

Genre: Ghost Story, Urban Fantasy

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