The Last Hour of Gann by R. Lee Smith

Amber Bierce and her sister are on a colony ship of 50,000 people when it veers off course and crash lands on a strange planet. Meoraq is a warrior-priest, one of the lizardlike inhabitants of the planet,  on pilgrimage to a holy shrine. When he runs across the few survivors he sees it as his god-given duty to take care of them until the end of his quest. The first half of the book reminded me of Enemy Mine by Barry Longyear as these two very different people, Meoraq and Amber, learn to communicate and begin to respect, if not always appreciate, each other.

The second half gets much darker as the group of survivors and the wider world of Gann come into conflict. But the book is primarily about Meoraq and Amber, and how they come to care for each other despite their vast differences. It’s also an interesting look at religious fanaticism vs atheism. It has plenty of lizardman/human sex (most of it suprisingly non-icky). Be warned though, there’s also quite a lot of rape in the story.

The world building is fantastic, and Meoraq and the people of Gann are fully fleshed-out (even more so that the humans). This is a very long book – over a thousand pages – but it’s a fairly quick read. I found myself staying up into the wee hours to finish The Last Hour of Gann and found it one of the most satisfying science fiction romances I’ve read primarily because the science fiction was well thought out and not just a stock set piece for a standard romance.

Genre: Erotica, Romance, Science Fiction

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