Unexpected Alpha (2015) by Bethany Wicker

Girl with purple eyes.

Bethany Wicker writes about werewolves, specifically the Sapphire Pack, who recently gained a female alpha- unheard of in werewolf society. Of course this leads to males wanting to mate with her and steal her alpha title. Selena is stronger than any of them realize though.

This is a fun read- I could not put it down. It has everything I would want in YA paranormal. The character development was good and it was enjoyable learning more about the characters throughout the book and their relationships with each other. There is lots of action to keep the reader reading- I finished the book in one evening.

The werewolf pack does deal with harsh realities, such as hunters and rogue werewolves, but there are enough light hearted moments to balance out this harshness.

As a YA book, it doesn’t go into great detail on some aspects and I would have enjoyed more details of the werewolf society, but it was definitely worth reading and I look forward to reading the second book, Aluna, due out in March 2016.

Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal
Series: Aluna Series |

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